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Help with Ebrake and rear calipers.
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Ok guys, first off i am new here, and im from the Cincinnati area. I just got a steal on a good ole Turbo Coupe. Got it for 1k. I've wanted one for a few years now, but starting getting into the rotary world and was in that scene for a while, and now i finally got a TC. So my first question would be the brake issues. Recently i applied the E brake and it was really hard to push in but i kept pushing. I finally got the pedal to the floor and had to pull it up by hand, seeing as the release lever doesnt work. Soon i came to find out that the brakes were stuck on (rear calipers). I read briefly about the auto adjustment thingys, and i went and cut the e brake cable at both brakes. I also unbolted the adjusters (spring looking things with rectangle plates?) and finally knocked them loose with a hammer, and now my car will actually move. I still feel as if the left rear is still stuck somewhat. Does anyone know where i can get some new adjusters and if its worth replacing, or replacing the whole caliper. I'm strapped for cash so the cheapest route will go first. Thanks in advance guys.

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The calipers are fairly inexpensive from RockAuto. I just had to replace mine for the same reason. They can be rebuilt, but the cost of a reman is almost as cheap.
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The ebrake cables get rusty and corroded inside where that metal covering is at the back of the ebrake cables. Same thing happened to mine, replaced my cables and great now. Got mine from napa. Why did you take the springs off? Did you take the calipurs off and compress the cylinder to make sure there not binding?
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