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Help, No Headlights
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Need some help guys. Last night the TC was sitting in the driveway idling and both headlights went out. Took both bulbs and hooked them up to wifes Taurus and they work. I also made sure the delay was shut off on the autolamps. Any ideas? I hate electrical problems.

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Check the fuses, I *think* there's also a headlamp circuit breaker but I'm not sure where that would be. Also try jiggling an pressing your headlight and highbeam switches. If they come back on when you do that, replace the switch even if it seems to work fine afterwards. Or, if you know someone who's good with electrical stuff, have them try taking cleaning the contacts.
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Check to see if the high beams work. If only the highs work it very well could be your flash to pass/high-low switch on the column. Been there, done that
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I had such a problem in my 90 crown vic, be driving along and all the sudden... poof, no headlights or lights of any sort... as it turned out the curcuit breaker inside the pull switch was going bad and we had to replace that... hope this helps...

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