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Help .. gave car tune-up and won't start
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Shouldn't this be an easy thing??? Why do these cars have to be so difficult?? Changed dist cap and new plugs. cranks and backfires and won't fire up. Stupid really, it's probably something so god awful stupid. I should be doing my nails instead of working of cars [Image: smile.gif]

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Go to a Autozone and get the T-Bird book for your car, In the tune up section look for a picture of your distributor cap and see if maybe you got one of your wires crossed. if that isn't it recheck you plug gap. Hope that I have been some help.

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It sounds like you have the firing order wrong on the plug wires. Did you have all the wires off at the same time?
If you have a Motorcraft cap it should have a small number "1" near one of the wire towers. A lot of aftermarket caps also have it. The distributer rotates clockwise just follow the rotation around the firing order is 1342. Hope this helps.

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like he said check the firing order 1342 and the number one plug should be the one facing down if your looking at it over the driver fender re hook up the wires and recheck the gap .034 i think try it and let us no
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