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k a few months ago my car started acting kind of funny so i took her off the road for the winter and ever since then it has been nothing but truoble. when i hammer it or when ever boost builds above 3000rpm the thing chugs and hickups so i ran the coads and it said bad o2 sensor, well i had just changed it a few months ago fuel pressure is great all the way up new fuel pump and regulator so i figure i will change the 02 sensor and try that is there any thing else it could be and if so please let me know asap i need to get her back its so nice out here i wanna drive her. thanks guys

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What kind of plug wires are you using and how old are they and the rest of the tuneup stuff? What code did you get for the 02 sensor?
Pete Dunham


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How's your timing?

When he gets a new O2 sensor does he need to let the computer reset before running it hard? Because it's going to be set up to run differently due to the bad O2 sensor...

Also, how is your distributor or brushes?
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I bet that 90% of the 02 sensors replaced by "backyard mechanics" have nothing wrong with them!!! Just because you get a code 41 or code 42 (I am assuming you got one of those codes,right?) DOES NOT MEAN THE 02 IS BAD!!! Most of the time it ends up being a fuel pressure / volume problem, VAF or TPS problem, vac leak, etc etc. Diagnose the problem systematically, dont just replace parts!!!

In 17 years of working on EFI cars equiped with 02 sensors, there was only ONE time I actually had a bad 02 sensor... every other time I got a 02 code, the problem was something else.

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

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I agree with Jeff, I have changed oxygen sensors before and that was not the problem, it was usually an ignition or fuel problem.

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