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when i turn the key the car makes a reving sound but wont turn over. Whats the haps! It revs up but theres nothing turning, a shop here says sound like the starter is toast. Also the check engine light is staying on in standbye

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Quote:Originally posted by Alaskanzeus:
It revs up but theres nothing turning

If something is revving, then something is turning. Do you mean that you hear an electric motor spinning away, but the engine itself doesn't crank?

Before assuming that the starter is junk, try putting a socket on the crank pulley bolt and spin the engine over about 90º or so, then try to start it again. This will determine if there are any missing / worn teeth on your flywheel/flexplate's ring gear that are preventing the starter's gear from meshing.

If the engine still won't crank, you've got a problem with the starter drive. For the price of remanufactured starters (about 50 bucks around here), it'd be much easier to just get another one rather than trying to repair your current one. Good luck.
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Yes the electric motor is spinning, and thats it. For a few year now ive had to turn the key and the motor just cranks for a while then i have to reset the key and turn it over again to get the car to start. I wasnt sure if it was the fuel pump or the starter but i guess i know now.

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My experience with the $30-50 starter. Comes with lifetime guarentee. And the Store will honor that guarentee as long as you bring the starter in to them. Had one, lasted just under 3 month and 3K miles. They set another one on the counter and I said give me my money back. Like Jeff say recently, spend the $100 or more and get a good one.
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Last but not least wheres the starter lol.

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Sits under the Turbo. Passenger side of the motor.

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Thanks! I have 2 choices the ACDelco for 80 or the OEM Motorcraft for 150 ouch! Any history with either one of these?

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