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Hello from NE PA
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Hey guys name is Jim,hail from the ne pa mountains. I just purchased a stock 72k 87 tc for my gf as a project car for us to work on together and something for her to cruise in while i build and tinker with my fox bodies. I had heavy modded 87 tc in high school and an svo awhile ago....bin outta the 2.3 game and loop for awhile and got into the gt500 scene.

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Welcome, Jim! That's awesome that you and the gf are going to work on it together! :rockin:
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Well now, it's apparent that there are faster cars out there, and newer and schmancier ones too... But I think most of us will agree that the Turbocoupe still reigns a LOT of lookers around town and at shows, so I say - nice choice and congratulations!! Welcome and enjoy. Please take a moment to join the membership if you haven't already!
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