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I'm not good a following instructions so I'm just getting around to posting here - where I should have introduced myself a month ago.

Anyway, I have been reading some of the tech stuff and - WOW! - there is a lot of knowledge here. 

I just picked up a low mileage 88 5-speed and am getting to know it - love it, actually. Once the weather breaks here in Ohio (Columbus) I will get out the detail kit and "bring her back around" from her 10-20 year nap and work out some of the bugs left from the PO who put a new tank, sending unit, and TPS on to get her running. Right now I have a random high idle, cant get more than 8 gallons in the tank, and she is very noisy around 3K RPM. I'm going to make use of the TPS install/adjustment tech article for the idle then take a look at the EVAP canister/vent (didn't see anything here on that), and have a shop do the mounts and exhaust, if necessary, and fluids.

Goal this year is to sort out the stuff I mentioned focus on reliability and get to know her. Next year is to add some power - nothing crazy just closer to my '01 Mustang GT 0-60 time ... 6.3 sec if i remember correctly. Is that reasonable with intake and exhaust or will I need something else?

If I can get that all sorted out I will make a day trip to Carlisle and if I get brave and don't see any cooling system issues I might try the last 3 stops of Power Tour.  It's ambitious but I bought it to drive it.

All suggestions welcome as I don't know much about these cars but I have always appreciated them and wanted one.

I will post pictures once I figure that out too.
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Welcome to NATO!!! Feel free to ask us anything TC related!
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Good luck with your project. I loved my 85. Super easy work on. Once you get it running, check out the threads on installing a manual boost controller for easy HP. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

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Trying to post my own intro

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Good luck ?

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