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Hello all
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Hey guys, it is good to be back in the good ole USA. I have spent the last 2 years in Europe. So how has everyone been? Has anyone got there turbo coupes into the 10's yet,LOL. i have to admit that I was crushed when I had to sell my old 88 coupe to go over sea's. But I am glad to say that now that I am back, I am still looking for that special bird. I am now staioned out here in hell's out house, New Mexico. However I am glad to say that this would be the place to own a TC, nothing but straight aways. Any way back to the point at hand. unfortunately I have to go to Kuwait for a few months but I will return in the spring. Now for the nitty gritty; Who here in this message board would like to sell their TC in the sping? Now Dan I know Your's is a pretty choise car but I know that you won't come off of it. lol, and Pete spent so much time shinning that damn car he won't sell for all of the tea in China. any way who ever is interested in selling please email me with some pic's and info. I'll see you guys later, Thanks.

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welcome back.
Too bad you got to go traveling again but we will find you a car when you get back.
Pete Dunham


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