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Heater core
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Had my 88 parked idling and heard a whoosh.. next thing I know.. coolant leaking into the vents and passenger side. Kind of a disappointment.. I just replaced the core a few years back. Question.. do our cars bypass it when the ac is on? I have no need ror heat as I never drive it when its cold. Because the heater core is in such a bad lication im not really eager to go in there right now. Do I need to do a full bypass job or is just keeping the ac twigged enough? What a drag..
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When mine went a couple years ago I bypassed it myself with some heater hose from napa, very easy to do. I'm pretty sure that there is coolant in the core at all times, even when the ac is on. Its just the blend door moves so air goes through the ac evaporator.

On a side note is your car for sale again? I saw a black tc in Squamish listed on craigslist......If only I had the money
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Coolant all the time. You will need to remove the hoses and bypass it to stop the leaking. This is never good news.
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