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headlights shut off
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okay here is the deal, i have an 87 turbo coupe and when i am driving down the road after awhile at night the headlights will shut off, COMPLETELY if i fiddle with the turn signal stock like turn the brights off and on sometimes the headlights will come back on, otherwise i have to hold the turn signal stock back to keep the brights on (or i will have NO light at all)also the brights wont stay on, the stalk wont "click" when i pull it back liek it should, any help would be great, it's my daily driver. just became that after setting for awhile

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sounds like the switch in the column is busted. time to find a replacement...

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Definitely sounds like the switch in the column. Once you get it swapped out, be sure to go to the tech articles here and spend a little extra on running relays for the lights. This modification will take almost all of the heat from the current out of the switch and prolong its life drastically.
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I messed with 2 or 3 different switches, and 2 or 3 different blinker stalks for similar problems.
Finally I tried the relay fix.

Do yourself a favor and just install the relay.
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I second the relay. The actual cause of the problem is most likely the headlight switch being overloaded and the circuit breaker in the switch tripping.
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