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Headlights not working
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My newest car(87) has the auto headlights option and I can't get my headlights to work. All of the parking lights and dash lights come on but no headlights. I tried covering the optical sensor with my hand and still nothing. If I pull back on the dimmer switch the high beam will come on as long as I pull back on the switch. I don't have the owners manual but I think I know what I'm doing. Turn on the headlights switch and roll the sensitivity wheels. Any direction on where to start checking things or am I just running it wrong?
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Obvious questions: Did you check for a blown fuse? Loose wiring?

Do the lights come on normally, as in with the standard headlight switch?

If so, you’ll need a wiring schematic to track down the problem and trace the wires. I think Brian here has something he can email you.

Good luck.
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Found the problem, Thanks. Previous owner changed out the headlight switch and broke the lock tabs off. The connector wiggled back.
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Glad you found the problem!! Easy fixes are always good fixes!
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