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my headlights are all yellow, how do i get rid of that and make them look new?

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For 87-88s
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If you are really cheap (like me) get some GS-27 from the auto parts store and polish the snot out of them. Worked wonders on my LX and my SC. I don't think it would be different with the TC. Just put some on a cloth and work it into the lens. After it clouds over and dries, remove it like wax. Total night and day difference!!!
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To add to that, wash out the insides with some dish detergent and water.
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I did like the other guys did. last summer I took both of mine off and poured bleach inside and let them sit for about an hour. Then when I poured it out and let them dry I put them back on. Then I wet sanded the hell out of them. You can actually see the yellow coming off. Then I put a coating of wax on them and they looked almost brand new.

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you can also wipe transmission fliud ont here for a quick fix, i do it to my customers cars at work, , brings in a lot of tips, he he. seem trans fluid, merocn 5 works best5, dex/merc 3 is ok, but merc 5 is best form what i noticed, this isnt a permentant fix, just tempary and the water bead soff the lights

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anyone have a fix to put the front (clear) part back onto the rest of the headlight assy.?

I came out the other morning and the clear part was hanging loose and the bulb was broken [Image: frown.gif]

I bought these off ebay and they were really clear and nice

could I just use clear silicone around the whole edge to seal it and hold it together?

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I have used meguiars paint\body scrub to polish off the yellowing from the aero lights!!It worked wonders on all of the cars that i have had.Ford lights are just nictorious for turning yellow.I have done this to my svo,mark 7,lx mustang and my old 88 tc.The lights are all made from the same kind of yellow prone plastic!!

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Quote:Originally posted by fastz28:
anyone have a fix to put the front (clear) part back onto the rest of the headlight assy.? could I just use clear silicone around the whole edge to seal it and hold it together?

Silicone is only temporary for adhering things. Good sealer though. I used some clear epoxy and it sealed them tight, and it's keeping the moisture out too. I used to have to pull the bulbs out to let the insides dry after it rained or after I washed the car. Oh yeah, I highly recommend the GS 27 too.

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