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Headlight restore
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When i bought my Bird the headlights lens would get water condensation on the inside showing that there is a failed seal around the lens.
After putting up with this for a few years I finally did something about it.
In the past i would just pull out the bulb and use my heat gun to dry out the inside of the light housing.

This past weekend i pulled the lights and fixed the problem.

First removed the light housing from the car and I stuffed the bulb opening with a shop rag and put my air gun into it and gave a quick blast of air to it.
I was trying to be gentle with the air trying not to blow up the whole thing, but the force of the air came too quick.
This turned out to be a blessing!

It popped the lens loose at the spot where the seal had failed around the bottom of the lens which showed me where to start.
I then took my pocket knife and carefully cut and pried off the lens.
I repeated this on the second light housing.

After getting both lens`s off I took my plastic polish to both sides of the lens.
I used my electric buffing wheel on the outside of the lens to bring back the shine.
WARNING: be extra careful not to over heat the lens!

I then took some non-grit plastic polish to the chrome finish on the inside of the housing.
Again, be extra careful not to over polish the chrome.

After they were all cleaned up I washed them in the kitchen sink with dish soap using a soft sponge and then used the air gun to dry them.

Then glue the lens back on the housing with a clear silicon sealer to seal the lens.

I think this will give me a few years of water free headlights!!!
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Good description. In addition to water free operation, clear lights make a huge difference in the looks of the car too. Enjoy your "new" TC!
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Just had one pop out at 115 - ish MPH over the weekend. Found it this morning at the car wash Sad
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My problems tends to be the lack of chrome. I have painted a set, looked better but the lighting was no better.
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the best stuff I have found for painting the inside of headlights is from a craft store's antique mirror restoration area: Silver mirror restoration paint. It isn't a perfect match to the factory light but is good enough that I will receive "brights" if I leave my brights on. I used to drive with my brights on all the time prior to this and still struggled a bit to see at times.
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