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Headlight replacement
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I am installing new headlights into my 88, and while the removal of the old ones is quite simple, I do not know how to separate the headlight from the bucket. Will someone please advise? Also, when I reinstall the new headlights, how do I adjust the headlights to the proper height?


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If by "bucket" you mean the part that is the reflector, where the bulb goes in, then that is one piece with the lens and you need to separate the lens housing from the aiming bracket.

If, by "bucket" you mean the aiming bracket. That is a little trickier because car must be exercised not to break anything, and the plastic does get brittle.I got some pictures because I was going to do an article on it. Let me see if I can find the stuff and I post it or send it to you later.

If the old headlights were adjusted in the right spot, the new ones should be in the same spot. If you need to change that, there are adjusting screws in the aiming brackets. You will have to install everything first. You will probably have to lube soak the screws for awhile first. Wait for the pics.
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Thanks for the reply. I was indeed referring to the aiming bracket. I have removed them, and I was playing around with the adjusting screws after I lubed them up and they work just fine, and the plastic "nuts" appear to be in good condition. I was sure that I read somewhere that you do NOT want to break the plastic "nuts". Since I have "played" with the adjusting screws, it will be necessary to realign the lights. Is this something that I can do?

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