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Headlight Rant
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My headlight lenses are barely over a year old and are full of moisture now - AGAIN - for the 3rd time. First was 3 months out of the box..second was December..and again today it rains and here comes the fog. Man what a Pain. When I got them out of the box new I ran a bead of silicone everywhere. Peeled it off and tried again after drying them in December. I even put some vaseline around the socket o-ring to help it seal.
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I usually drill a hole on the bottom. I dunno it works for me.
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Quote:Originally posted by NY eric:
I usually drill a hole on the bottom. I dunno it works for me.
they are too sealed, like NY eric said, drill a hole on the bottom, i did mine at th very back so you cant see it.
i got moisture build up after i opened up my lenses to modify them a few year back, and i just drilled them 2 weeks ago ans no more moisture, working so far. used to moisture up every morning
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Ok thanks guys I'll do that.
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I also had to drill a small hole in my brand new headlights to avoid the fogging problem.
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