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Headlight Questions 88 Turbo Coupe
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I was going to start on my yellow headlights today and I have already run into a problem. I got my first headlight apart and the chrome reflective material inside is all but gone. How can I fix this or can it be fixed? 


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There are a few different ways to do it, some better than others. first there is the spray "chrome" paint, which never has the real look of smooth shiny chrome to it, but it is easy to get and apply. You could buy a role of "Chrome" tape online and take your time to apply it as smooth as you can around the curves of the back half. I think the best way is to send out the back half to an actual chrome plating company that does plastic chroming. They can apply it only where it should be as well as get the best finish. Also, from what I have seen on some NOS lights, is the reflective chrome is only applied to the back of the lens, the top and bottom were grey.
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I've done the chrome paint thing on turn signals and tail lights with good results but I'm not sure how it will hold up with the heat of a headlight. I have a feeling it would be OK for a while but not be durable. I also do not think it would be as reflective.

I have never had it done but I do know that there are companies out there in the business of restoring lights and they will plate the reflective surfaces with aluminum(I think) because it has good reflective properties and is durable. I'm just starting to look into the process of restoring plastic headlights because until now I've never had the need. I'll try to share what I learn.

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I will be trying a chemical silvering process very soon. As a matter of fact, the kit is supposed to be delivered today. Not cheap but am looking forward to trying it out. I am only doing the inner and outer marker lamps as I already bought a pair of refurbished pair of headlights done with the vacuum metalizing process. Once I get it going all post up in a new thread to give you an idea (and pictures) on the quality of the results.

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