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Head Studs or Head Bolts??
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I am once again changing my plans for my 88TC. I will be keeping the current GT35 turbo and instead biting the bullet for a Bo-port stage 3 head. To keep some of the costs down, I will be swapping over my current Boport 1.5 cam, roller followers, and HLA's.

The motor will remain in the car so I'm planning to drop the new head on. I will be using the 8993 head gasket to give some leeway of having the stock bottom end untouched. I'm going back and forth on using head studs or head bolts. I like the idea of using some ARP head studs as I can keep reusing them and do have plans to build a stroker motor at some point in the future (big power goals). If I go this route I will make sure to retorque them after the first heat cycle and probably a second time after some driving. I've read some good things about using plain ole TTY head bolts as well. I see that rockauto has the 6pt head bolts but they don't specify if they are TTY. Does anyone have a part number for TTY head bolts? I'd like to have some options and hear everyone's opinions on this.

For my setup, I'm shooting for power beyond 300whp.
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My 2 cents, go for the ARP so when the fuse (head gasket) goes it will be one less thing to change/buy. It's the cry now instead of later money spending.
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Head studs are your best bet. As you torque down head bolts, you have to overcome the friction of the bolt head against the cylinder head as well as the stretch that will occur with a bolt. Head studs won’t stretch and the nut is going against a washer, not the cylinder head. Make sure to use the recommended assembly lube and re-torque them after heat cycling.
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