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Head removed, pictures and ?
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The head gasket did blow between 3 an 4. I'm curious as to way the #4 piston is real clean and the others are black on top. They all look good and the cyclinders look good.
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You could have had coolant entering the #4 cylinder, which can "steam clean" the area.
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Try these pictures.
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Following up on what CougarXR7 said, I remember what we used to do during the "carberated" days. Use of an aerosol bottle to spray water into the carb while the engine was running, would help clean up any carbon in the cylinders.
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I'd guess it was steamcleaned
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I agree. It also looks like #1 might have been running a little rich.
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I would have the deck and the head checked to make sure that there in not a "groove" in between those two cylinders. If there is one, then you may have to wind up doing this again if you just throw on a nother gasket, if it is not checked.

Just my $0.02 worth.

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