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#1 seems that after all my searching and reading, that the chances of me finding an uncracked 2.3t head are slim. Is this true? It also appears that cracks in the exhaust valve seat are common my main question is, if I'm runnin a daily driver, what are "safe" cracks to be allowed to go "untreated"? If they are "treatable", then what do I need to do to get that done? I just want to get my car running. Any help is appreciated.
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Uncracked turbo heads are getting rare, and around the valve seats is the usual area. I've heard small crack can be removed and inserts put in, Can't tell you about success or cost.

I can't speak to "safe" cracks. I'm guessing that any crack is going to continue to grow over time.

You can run NA heads. Yes you will have to live with reduced boost because of the higher compression but many are doing it. The combustion chambers can be reworked some to reduce compression. For a daily driver this could be viable. Just be sure to use the turbo valves, special material for greater heat durability.
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the head i am selling has no cracks around the exhaust valve, i have seen heads with cracks in the exhaust seat area and have run really good with no problem.
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