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UGGGH I just got back from my machine shop and my head is trashed off of my 1987 thunderbird turbo coupe. apparently whoever built the engine used a jegs head or one that has been reworked several times and it is a mess. Does anyone know if a head from a 1982 2.3 ltr non turbo engine work ?

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From what I've gathered, the compression ratio is different between the two heads, and with the non-turbo head's higher compression ratio, it can cause knocking under boost. Hope this helps.

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pretty sure the CR difference is all in the pistons, but
having said that, I don't know the definitive answer ..
so I'm subscribing !

was recently thinking of picking up a 'spare' head (& intake manifold, already have a 'spare' E6 exh mani) to port & mod,
so when the time comes I can just swap that on and minimize my car's downtime..
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Look for a "D9" head from a late 70s / early 80s Fairmont, etc. they have the turbo chamber design and oval port intake runners. As a plus, they are often in good rebuildable condition as they havent been beat on. Be sure to use the Inconel turbo exhaust valves from your current head. I have been running one of these heads for many years.
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