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Head and cam identification?
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Picked up a complete head and hoping some of you can help me with identifying them. Just want to get any info I can about them. I'm pretty sure the head is a turbo head, D chamber, D intake. Here we go!
Head markings:
1st spark plug hole, E4 (or maybe EA)
3rd spark plug hole, E5Z? (? is possibly a 3)
4th spark plug hole, RF
under the valve cover, 86, E12, stylized CTP, 12

between lobes 4 & 5 (middle of cam), 86, 17
between lobes 5 & 6, E5
between lobes 7 & 8, upside down "Y" then a "C"
back end of cam, stamped E
Looks pretty safe to say they're '86 parts.
Robert Camp
'86 Medium Regatta Blue TC, 5-speed, original owner.

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