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HD Polyurethane Motor Mounts for TCs for sale
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Well folks, the time has come again to offer up another group purchase of my motor mounts for sale. There are a couple differences this time, with revisions done on some versions and a new version is being offered as well. Also, different from times past when I just ran a batch of one style of mounts, I’m opening this batch to both styles I offer for the TC’s. Here’s the rundown.

Style 1 – Fits SVO’s, Mustangs (79-93) and early TC’s/XR-7’s (83-85). These are also good for pretty much any of the “other” Fox-chassied cars with a 2.3 not covered by another part number. They do not work with the I-6 K-member.

These have been redesigned to no longer require the factory “adapter” plates to be able to mount them in any of the cars using the big square motor mounts (i.e. SVO’s, early 2.3’s). All mounting hardware is provided.
No photo currently availiable of the Style 1’s with the new bases.

Style 2 – Fits 86-88 TurboCoupes. These remain unchanged from previous batches. All mounting hardware is provided.


All styles of the mounts come with HD polyurethane isolators and all mounting hardware and installation instructions. All styles are zinc-chromate plated to corrosion resistance. As mentioned, these motor mounts use polyurethane isolators and are offered as high-performance items. There will be some increased vibration noticed after their installation. It is most noticeable at idle, but the benefit is a stronger mount that holds the engine more securely.

Price: Both styles are $125US plus shipping and handling.

Ordering instructions:

This thread is to ask any questions you may have regarding the mounts and their applications, not for placing orders. To order a set you need to do one of the following (in order of preference):

1. Send me an email ([email protected]) with the following information, Name, address, year/type of vehicle.
2. Send me a PM with the above information PLUS a contact email.

Stating that you want a set in this thread without doing either of the following does not place your order. Also, the reason for requiring the email address is that throughout the process I email the group with updates to keep you all informed of the progress.

Onto the process for those who are not familiar with how I do this. I do not order a bunch of material and have it sitting around here in boxes waiting to go, I just can’t work things that way. So what happens is that I keep ordering open for 2-3 weeks. After that time ordering is “officially” closed for the batch as I use the orders to determine what I need to order in regards to materials (such as lasered pieces and hardware, etc). Generally I buy enough material to build a couple extra sets, which are first come first served. Payment is not due until 2-3 weeks after ordering is closed. Once I start getting materials, the manufacturing begins. So as you can see, it is not a “speedy” process, but that’s the way this works. The average timeframe from the beginning or ordering to shipping is approx 8 weeks. There may come a time when I “stock” a few sets, but I can’t do that right now. Everyone who has placed an order with me has received their mounts.

Payment is to be by PayPal ([email protected]) or M.O. or cashier’s check. If you will be mailing payment, I will give you the address information in your confirmation email.

Again, if you have any questions, please either inquire within this thread, or email or PM me.

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Put me down for a set. Needed badly. Question... Can I get just the isolators, or would that be unwise since the stockers are probably not quite as beefy? Nevermind, I answered my own question.....duh
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Ordering is "officially" closed.

Thanks for the orders!

Those who have placed an order will be receiving an email from me this week.
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are u still producing these?
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Quote:Originally posted by Turbo Coupe:
are u still producing these?
I'm actually doing a batch right now. It's was a small run. I actually have one set of the 86-88TC ones that hasn't been spoken for yet. I'm still welding things up, so it's going to be a couple weeks yet before they ship. If you want these shoot me an email with your info ([email protected]). These will go first come-first serve. I'll have more available in the future as well.
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Chuck, When and if you make a run of the less stiff or softer ones, I would be interested in a set of those for an 87' TC. Thanks...Tommy

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Quote:Originally posted by thecrusher315:
Chuck, When and if you make a run of the less stiff or softer ones, I would be interested in a set of those for an 87' TC. Thanks...Tommy
Me too Chuck !!! I'm interested in teh softer ones.
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