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have a car opinion on what to use for our wedding
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So some of you know im getting married the 26th.
im originally planned to use my 88 TC in some of the photos as i did on the save the dates.
i love my car but its not perfect and has a few flaws on the body and kinda second guessing using it.
I do have my father's 1963 1/2 Falcon Sprint. which is fully restored i could probably use if it wasn't raining. which is more of a wedding car since its white and well old.
i just dunno what i should do. im second guessing my car.
so what you think?
am i just crazy? pre marriage jitters?
Brian Larkin
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Oooh that's a hard one(woops that's the bride speaking)...

It is a tough call... If the Bird is flawed enough to for you to be be uncomfortable with it in pictures, consider the Falcon... Of course it isn't your car so maybe won't seem quite right...

Something to think about, when my parents got married they took their honeymoon in my grandmothers's brand new '49 Ford, was sure a lot nicer than his '39 Chevy or whatever he owned at the time... Never heard one of them say "gee I wish we'd taken the Chevy"...

I did use my own cars when I've gotten married... First was a freshly painted '64 Ford so looked good, Second time was a '78 Chevy Malibu(actually the wife's, but I gave it to her) that wasn't exactly a memorable car...
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well i see the flaws in my car and it bugs me. but i notice my father does the same on his falcon and he says my car looks great.
so i guess since its my own i know it like the back of my hand and notice the flaws cuz im looking right at them.
it be nice to have them both in the photos
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
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Either would be a good choice, Brian. Everyone sees the flaws in their own car. Others wont likely notice, and think it look awesome. My personal experience is when someone sees my TC, even giving it a pretty close lookover, they say "awesome paint job", but I can point out at least 100 defects I notice every time I look at it.... nicks, not too great body repairs, irregular areas, etc.
Jeff Korn

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