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Harnesses on back of lower intake
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Does anyone know what these are for, theres 2 of them facing the firewall. When I went to plug them back into the intake I noticed that the upper harness had a wire hanging from it, meaning one of the 2 wires became disconnect from another wire. What does this harness do and is it something I can just disconnect and leave disconnected while I drive? The bottom harness is plugged in and ok, its just the wire from the upper one got detached.
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The upper one goes to the Knock sensor. Without it you lose the safety net the KS provides by telling th ecomputer when knock (detonation) is occuring so the computer can cut back on timing. If you know what detonation sounds like and are comfortable with the situation. leave it alone, otherwise fix the wiring. The lower sensor is the ACT - air charge temperature sensor.

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