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Gutted intake differences....
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I've been looking at a gutted intake to go on the 88 this year and while I could do it myself, knowing someone with porting skills to get the runners right may be a better option. Currently, there are the ones available from Stinger and the ones from Bo-Port. The difference in price between the two is about $120 more for the Bo-Port intakes. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of these two brands and is one worth more over the other? Or should I simply do it myself and save the money for something else?
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I have a gutter upper and ported lower from Stinger and from what I can tell from Bo's picture on his Website, his upper has been gutted/ported bigger.

Send Bo an email, he's a great guy and will tell you the difference or Stinger too. Both are top notch.
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don't discount Steve Schlodes (unsure if he's on this forum) as well. He does a lot of porting and seems to do good work. Here's his facebook profile:

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Hey my account works.. Yes I do them as well.  It depends what you are looking for, I am currently out of tall cores, but if you are just looking get your upper gutted you can send to me and i'll do it for 120 bucks and 65 mm the tb opening if its the lettered upper [2.3L EFI] I have one of the 2.3 EFI uppers and a few lowers kicking round as well.

If you want a set of intakes A stock facing set fully ported [lower runner dia. increase from 1.49 to 1.59-1.60"] runs $350 shipped plus cores back.  Thanks.
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