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Greetings, Just bought TC #6
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Hi all!! Joining the site for the 3rd time. Unsure of how to become a paying member. I've had TC's for the last 10 years or so and have relied on this site many times. I think this is the greatest thing. T-bird #5 was totalled in Fall. Devastating. Older gentleman sold it to me 4 years ago. He bought it when he retired and was 82 when he sold it to me. Had had Knee surgery three years earlier and could no longer use the clutch.It had 63000 original km's on it. Paid his price (1500.00) The car passed mechanical with original tires on it, original paint and it needed nothing for fitness. Never had a problem with it that was not solved by a quick visit to you N.A.T.O. guys. The car never cost me a dime exept for the clutch I put in before taking it out this year. Reading the paper I noticed that the gentleman who sold it to me had passed away. About a month later, some clown drops his cigarette between his legs taking off at a light and swerves into my bird totalling it. Not a thing I could do and I was truly heartbroken. On a brighter note I just bought #6. I dont think I'll ever do without a turbo coupe. This one's black and also in very good shape. My intentions are to totally disassemble it, clean and touch up everything, then reassemble it. I intend to be on site very often and we will get to know each other quite well. I intend to fully document this entire process. But this post is already long enough. Much more to come and I'm looking forward to it. So, in closing, good to meet you all and I'll be in touch.
1987 Turbo Coupe,Black with red cloth, 5spd, 70,000 miles. In the process of being dissasembled, detailed and reassembled using the best of the parts that I have from 6 past T-birds. 17" TSW Chrome rims with Wanli rubber, Sony disc player with Type "R" Alpine subs, K&N cone, Centerforce Clutch, MSD Ignition, Sequential tailights, B&M Short Shifter. Much more work to be done but lovin' every minute of it. Updates to come...

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Welcome back and good luck. Post some pics!
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No need to "go away" if you don't currently have a TC. True TC owners never really quit having a TC, they are just "between TCs" when they don't have one in the driveway.
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