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great news it didnt blow up guys WOOOHOO
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well after almost two weeks, the car ran... it started on the first try then died and it started right back up. no smoke blowing out or anything well smoke from the exhaust manifold from all the crap i had all over my hands but thats it had the extinguisher ready. valve train was really noisy and i mean loud but seemed to kinda get quiter. i only ran it for 5 minutes. any type of breakin period for the new head ? all the valve train is the same except two new intake valves spring shims and cam bearings. everything went from my head to this head. thermostat leaks a bit and so does the valve cover i used a cork so, when i saw it leaking i tightend the valve cover bolt to much and snap.

second Id like to say thanks to Pete D, mustang88droptop or bogusvo , Ryan H and the rest of the people who responded to my stupid questions and who gave me there best input. once again thanks guys.

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Glad to hear it's going so far. We really recommend the rubber gasket. Over tightening either type is a no no. About finger tight if you could get you fingers on the bolts. If you tightend it so much that a bolt broke the cork gasket is probably toast now.

You don't really need a break in period unless you got a new slider cam. I would take it easy for a few hundred miles because of the new cam bearings. Let it idle for awhile the next time you start it. The noise may just be the lifters pumping up. It should go away after a few minutes.

Check the thermostat housing for warpage. They been known to do that.
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Yup... I had a heck of a racket, right after doing a head where everything was drained down.

Even though it was pumped back up before starting... the lifters were completely dry and it made a racket that I really dont ever want to hear again... it sounded something like a couple of hundred dollars being smashed into small pieces by 8 hammers.

Then everthing pumped up (after about 4 minutes) and its been all good since.
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Good to hear!

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