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The other day I was cruising around town and I saw a turbo-coupe like mine sitting at the side of a gas station. I turned around and went back to have a closer look. The car was silver, the headlights were busted and the tires were old and dry rotted. The body was in extremely good shape with only faint fading of the paint in a couple of spots. I looked inside and it had the blue and gray interior in immaculate condition. 5 spd, 153,000 miles on the od. I went into the gas station and asked about it and the guy at the desk said it was for sale, but it didn't run. He said some guy hadn't taken care of it and drove the hell out of it on dirt roads (still everywhere here in northern Arkansas). He said the airbox was filled with dirt and dust and, the compression test he performed showed weak compression across the cylinders. I took the keys and went to have a look for myself. The engine bay was pure stock, nothing had been done in the way of mods, and it looked like nothing had been done in the way of maintenance either. There was crusty oil all over under the turbo, like from the valve cover leaking and dirt collecting on it. It didn't look like the intercooler had been off in a long time, so I was suspicious about the compression test ever being performed. Maybe a blown head gasket and he just didn't want to say that? Anyway, after a little of me talking about replacing the whole engine and how much that would cost, I offered the guy $150, and he said okay! Before I go back this weekend and buy this thing, I want some thoughts on what all I need to look for. He also said that the car had been sitting for so long that the rings could be letting air past and that could be the cause for low compression. Is this possible? I asked if he had put some oil or some kind of lube in the plug holes and tried to kick the engine over by rolling the car, and he told me he tried, but couldn't get the clutch to grab. I looked under the car and the cat has been cut off, but there are no visible signs of great damage( huge leaks, or scrapes). I can't get the car just to part out, I live in a neighborhood where that is not permitted. But I really think I've got something here, any ideas? Thanks

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I've personally bought many of these cars , for 100.00. and I've only had a couple turn out to be bad . Put a battery in the thing , and some fuel , check the rest of the fluids , and give the old key a twist . My last purchase , was an 88 , Silver with moon roof and two tone gray leather .
Didn't run when I brought it home ..but an hour waving the magic wand over it , brought it it life , IRCM , had a loose wire controling the fuel pump , and that one was $110.00. good luck .Ashley
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I Don't know if this will help, When I bought my TC I found it at a lot with serveral junk cars. I talked to the guy and he said it ran but the turbo wouldn't spool past 3psi and the brakes were rock hard. I took a closer look and discovered the IC hadn't been connected to the top of the turbo!!! One problem solved. The brakes took alittle longer to figure out. I found the problem to be in the master cylinder. OH NO!! This is how I fixed it. IT ISN'T CORRECT BUT IT WORKS FOR NOW!! I took the harness off of the master cylinder on the bottom, I was checking for power with a test light. When I tested one of the wires the relay clicked (ignition must be on). At this point I had brakes!!! So I ran a ground (fused of course) to the fender wall. Ever since then, perfect brakes. Total price of repair....Nada. Just a couple hours of thought. Price of car.....$200.00!!! I am a happy little Turbocoupe Owner Eversince. TJ
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