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Ok here goes...I owned a '83 TC when i was younger and really liked it.I had it for several years before selling(mistake)...I have always wanted another one and am now looking at an 88 model.Are perfofmance parts readily available for these cars..The 88 has a 5 speed and my first step will be 3.73 gears from an auto...What should i do next? The car will be a keeper but only driven on weekends..Thanks for any advice..
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I believe most people will recommend giving it a good general tube up using proper parts and then move on to performance increasing parts.
There are plenty of parts available for these cars
overall they are very similar to the fox mustang in the general chassis, there are some differences, but they can be overcome with a variety of methods form using mustang parts to sn95 parts, to thunderbird designed parts.
As far as motor power goes there is plenty of knowledge around from the svo mustangs, and the thunderbird cars as well.
Stinger will occasionally come on here and give some good and proven advice as well.
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Start here:

From there start reading and searching. is another great site to search too. It really depends on what you want from the car. If you want a few extra ponys the beginner mods are all you need to enjoy the car.

If you want a real beast on the street then you obviously need more work done. Depends on your budget, experience and desires.

For performance there are a few options. is one not mentioned as well as Again it depends on how much you want to "dig in"
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Hey Second

I wouldn't spend the money on gears first. Lots of better and cheaper mods.

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secondchildhood, first off welcome to NATO. Second, where in NC?
I have to agree with Andrew, first do a tune up using Motorcraft parts. Then start with the basic mods, cone filter, 3" exhaust and fuel pump. Those mods really wake these cars up.
If you have the 3.73 gears great if not hold off on them. I do like the 3.73 gears in a street 2.3T car, I just don't think it should be a priority in early mods.
There is a fairly good size group of TurboFord guys in the Carolinas. We try to have a TF meet semi-anually come to the next one, it's always a good time bench racing sometimes some cruizing, next one I host, I plan to put together a TF race at Dunn-Benson Dragstrip.
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