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Got rear ended
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Hey guys, things have finally calmed down with the whole fire thing and we're about to move into our temp housing in Panama City, FL ( Big Grin ). Anyway, I got rear ended just before I left GA, go figure. I guess GA was telling me not to let the door hit me in the ass on the way out? haha..

The bumper cover isn't lined up with the tail lights quite right anymore and the actual bumper appears to be split in a few places. I estimate she hit me at around 25-30 mph with me at a complete stop. I saw it coming and stood on the brake pedal to prevent from ramming the rather large construction truck ahead of me and it paid off. Her insurance is Progressive and they're coming out to look at the car tomorrow in the early AM some time. Basically what I want to do is explain my situation with the car- I JUST FINISHED RESTORING IT not even A WEEK before she hit me! It was ready for freakin paint!!!! Literally, every damn item on my car is working flawlessly now thanks to all the hard work I've put into it and all the help I've gotten from local GA TurboForders.

Hopefully this will make an impact on the value of my car. I have a box of reciepts totaling more than 4 grand in work I've done, all documents since the car had 87,000 miles. It has 107,500 right now. From the head to the wheel bearings, everything on this car is brand freakin new! Just a small list:

Cylinder head is reconditioned
water pump is NEW
turbocharger is NEW
all new top end gaskets
wheel bearings and ALL brake parts incl. calipers are all NEW!
battery cables, battery, starter, starter cable? NEW!
transmission has been gone thru, its in perfect shape.
driveshaft has been rebalanced
clutch? flywheel? NEW and NEW!

This list is just a TASTE of the work I have done on this car. I was actually thinking about paint AS THE LADY HIT ME!!! I am so angry right now, words can't even describe. The icing on the cake for this one was that the lady and her husband gave ME attitude over the whole thing. Yeah! I'm sitting there stopped behind a guy thats turning and get rammed into my pride and joy that I've poured over a year's worth of blood sweat and tears into.. and they give ME attitude!

Anyway, Panama is fun. Any local TFers around here? Big Grin
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Tough luck, Ryan. All the work you've done has made the car more valuable and you can prove it, so show the receipts and insist on repair. People that hit stopped cars are without a clue anyway so don't worry about their atitude. People who do stupid things always try to lay the blame off otherwise they would have to admit to themselves that they aren't as bright as their mama told them.

Panama City was the last stop on the 99 Hot Rod Power Tour and was fun even for this old guy. Heavy duty police so take it easy.
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Be ready to fight. It's not so bad since you weren't at fault. But I was and here's a write up that might help you. They don't care what you did to your car generally. If your insurance is on your side for them paying to fix it that's really good. Make sure everybody knows you are keeping the car.
Sold it Sad*

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I just checked, there are no Turbo Coupes within 300 miles of me on AutoTrader. Thanks for the advise guys. I'm going to take this one all the way, I am NOT losing this car, nor am I getting screwed over because of something that was somebody else's fault.
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Ouch...hope you're ok and sorry about the car.
I'm also sorry to say that you're troubles have just started. The article above that Matt is talking about is verrry good and truthfull.

I was rear-ended while stopped and waiting for a guy in front of me to turn left. The guy that hit me was doing 50. That night I took photos and the next day his 'Progressive' agent showed up. He was a claims 'settler' or 'adjuster', hell, I can't remember the word he used.

This agent wanted to tape record our conversation but we didn't let him....turns out he could have used it as 'proof' of my guilt or as 'evidence' against me. (I was hit while stopped and my brake lights had been working.)

Don't trust the insurance company....theirs or yours.
Believe me, they're going to protect themselves and their wallets!
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Hate to hear Ryan. Good luck with it!
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Did the rear of the car buckle? I saw someones car on cardomain like that and it looked like just one shot in the rear would total out the car.
That really sucks about the accident. I can understand your pain, Id be devistated if either one of my vehicles were hit. Sad
Good luck~
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Ryan, sorry to hear this bad news. I hope you are all right. Every body has given good advice on dealing with the car. Since you were rear ended, there is always the risk to you of whiplash. This is something that may not show up for 20 years or more. Dont sign off on your rights to persue that issue later. You may feel fine now, but trust me on this one. They will try to get your to let them off the hook for future medical problems but don't do it.
Good luck with the car.
Pete Dunham


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Im very sorry to hear that.....
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That sucks, Ryan. Good luck with your battle with the insurance company.
Jeff Korn

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