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The brakes are done, well except for the parking brake cables which are missing c-clips.

The power steering seems to work, it just needed fluid, it could still use a full flush but that will come later.

Braking in the breaks was the first road the car has seen in a LONG time. It drove like a champ. I watched that boost gauge climb straight up to close to 18 psi, then drop off in the upper RPMs. This is with what I believe is months-old regular gas.

Now I just need to get the title back from the previous owner, we had to mail it back to him because he signed it in the wrong place. Dumb of us not to look it over during pickup but eh.

I would like to swap out the downpipe with one without a cat. I wanna ditch the cat but keep some sort of muffler on, the exhaust is cut just after the cat. Its a bit loud for my tastes and I just dont want the exhaust coming out in the middle of the car. Basically I want a catless 2.5 or 3" single exhaust.
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