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Got an gasket leak/ehaust leak-hard to fix?
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Ok fixed the not starting condition.Iac connecter was off by a hair.(Thanks guys)Anyway now I found my exhaust leak at the exhaust manifold to turbo area and the gasket is blown out about 1/2 inch.Any easy repairs(wish I could just get a hyperdermic needle and shoot some gasket material in there)or is this gonna be a PITA and what do I have to remove now?I'm learning alot here in the last week.
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You are going to have to seperate the turbo from the exhaust manifold and install a new metal gasket.

It may be easiest to pull the turbo and exhaust manifold as a unit and do th repair on the bench

Be extremely careful with the turbo oil return line on the bottom side of the turbo cener section. If you twist it very far, it will leak. It is suppose to swivel in the fitting that attaches it to the fitting in the block but over time it becomes corroded to the fitting and turning the fitting will twist the tube. Unbolt it from the bottom of the turbo and unbolt the turbo brace from the block. When ready to remove the turbo and exhaust manifold, get another set of hands to guide the turbo brace off the return tube, very carefully.
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