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Got a convincing ride in a Sierra yesterday
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Im pretty sure hes not a member here but I met him threw our facebook group and also my SVO buddy bought some injectors off him a while back. But this guy Jeff whom is local to me happened be very into older "weird" Fords. He happened have a imported right hand drive Sierra RS that had a mean 2.5 with a esslinger cam and worked T3. He had installed the PIMP on it among a bunch of other stuff. I only went up initially there for a another fuel rail shrader valve. But this guy was awesome..had a shop where he mainly wrenches on Merkurs and Fords. He ended up taking my buddy and myself for a rip around that thing hauled ass. To be honest if you can get it that quick with only a T3 ill be pretty good in a year or so. He was nice enough to show us the PIMP working in real time and kinda broke it down and also offered to help with any problems with getting mine going. On top of it helped me find a vacuum leak and re gap my plugs for the boost in running.

[Image: IMAGE_437.jpg]

[Image: IMAGE_454.jpg]

He was working on a sick looking XR that wasn't running right because of a old Haltech that im guessing never really worked good from the beginning. He wrenches on these things daily at his shop and I would def trust him to work on my TC.

[Image: IMAGE_435.jpg]

[Image: IMAGE_459.jpg]

I would recommend him to anyone willing to travel to CT for wrenching or anything related to ours cars. Also he know of the previous owner of my XR and actually worked on it for a while before I got it. Small world.
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