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Good deal on a clutch kit?
WyldeSoul Offline
I was wondering about a kit that a local company was willing to do for me.

Fort Wayne Clutch. They do mostly custom high perf clutch kits, and when I went in to ask about
what they might do for a TC, The offer they gave seemed awesome.

He said he's dealt with TC's before, and I even saw on the wall where they sponsored a drag TC.

I asked him for one rated for 250-300 torque, and still very streetable.

He brought out what looked like a bloody high end clutch disk. 4 puck, one side a fiber based pad, the other side a more metallic pad. Said that it would slip a little bit, but would then lock up like a truck clutch.

Quoted around 200 for it.

Am I getting a good deal there?
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AerobirdMotorsports Offline
Just my opinion here, but you are barking up the wrong tree.

"Puck" clutches are HORRIBLE on the street, and are really only for 13 second and quicker cars (and even then I wouldn't). Remember, I drive a 6-puck (which is smoother then a 4) Carbon/Kevlar clutch in a 14 second TC.

For 250-300 TQ a STOCK clutch will do fine (name brand stock, RAM has an excellent clutch KIT for $174). I have an SC50 and every bolt on known to the TC world and my car would do fine by a stock or slightly upgraded clutch.

100% in all honesty, I would buy the $174 stock replacement RAM clutch kit and call it a day.

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