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Good day gone bad!
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Well I finally after 2 months got my car put back together...Had a valve job done and go a RR cam. Fired it up and it ran great! Took it for a drive, felt as stong as i've ever felt it. (End of Good part of day)

Got home and parked it and popped the hood to check everything over and there was oil everywhere. Got to lookin and the head is cracked where the oil pressure sender and the turbo oil feed line hooks in [Image: frown.gif] It wasn't loosing too much oil (maybe around a quart a day) so I was gonna drive it anyways till I could get the crack fixed. So the next time I goto start it, it won't start...No fuel this makes the 3rd bad fuel pump in 1 1/2 years [Image: frown.gif]

So, I decided just to park it at my grandpa's farm until I have the time and money to fix it. Boy, I'm gonna miss it. So, tomorrow, I'm off to buy a tempo or some other shit car to get me through the winter.
Sorry for rambling, had to vent!

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Damn, I hate to hear news like that. Hope you get it fixed soon.

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Come up to Cleveland and buy my notchback 91 LX Mustang. Its a 2.3 with 72,000 miles. 5 speed, PW,PL,PM, CC. No rust and looks good.Not the greatist paint, but it shines and looks good. $1800.00

needs a windshild and the hood has a "ripple" in it.

Then you can have a future 2.3 turbo project [Image: smile.gif]

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