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Girlfriend's 88 TC
FloridaTurbo Offline
I didn't even post a pic of her car, man I'm slippin. Here it is.

1987 TC med red/charcoal - 5-Spd, race car, undergoing restoration
1988 TC silver/red - auto, V8 conv, no drivetrain "lawn ornament"
1988 TC whit/chacoal - auto, g/f's car
1992 Taurus SHO dk green/silver - 5-Spd, feature car, 13.37@104
1988.5 Escort gold/tan - auto, 3-Dr

RIP (5 Jan 03) 1988 TC med red/charcoal - 5-Spd, moonroof, wing, McK kit, all options except leather, 15.78@88

Pete D Offline
Great picture! And the car's nice too!
Pete Dunham


ZeroRain Offline
dude i love the birds but your girl makes them look like shit

Drive it like you stole it
1987 Turbo Coupe Auto- gone
1991 Sport 5.0 Auto- gone
1996 LX 5.0 5spd- Gone
1989 Super Coupe 5spd- gone
1984 Turbo Coupe 5spd- newest project

Thunderbird88 Offline
Oh jeez........

TurboCoupeTurbo Offline
Yeah, too bad I've driven more of his TC's than he has, haa ha. But its cool, right mike? 2 weeks till I pick up TC number 6. I'm so happy! Road trip to and back from VA. 88 Bird, that somebody checked all the options on the order sheet, except the slushbox. $600, I love it.

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