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Getting reproduction 1988 rear-window rubber molding
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I've started dialog with in getting reproduction single-piece rear-window molding made up. I'll start pulling it from all the cars I find in local yards, but there's only a handful appearing each year now. Does anyone have some reasonable-condition (still pliable, not hard plastic, cracked or torn) molding on hand, or that can be pulled from a parts vehicle? Would love to get some reproductions going, if Steele analyzes an intact part and can start manufacturing.

The only source I've found for these in recent years is a non-refundable $2600 for a full new rear window, installed, coming with the rubber piece. Only one shop has given me that quote - everyone else can't find/get the parts, full glass or not.

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Actually just found a NOS one after looking for years - shocking on the timing. Will call Steele in the morning to discuss getting it sent to them.

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Quote:“Our other Thunderbird parts of this era do not sell well.  To the point we did some recent pricing reductions in an effort to gain some positive movement on Thunderbird items.  That said we would not be interested in reproducing this rear window molding”.

Their other products aren't exactly the heavier wear items. Fender/hood rubber is only replaced if a fender is pulled, and likely still pliable. Door seal rubber doesn't have UV exposure. Some others can use general weather stripping (trunk, cowl to hood, etc).

We'd need to generate some real interest (initial group buy?) before we'd be able to get new rubber moldings. Please post a realistic price point that you guys would be willing to pay for new moldings of the rear window single-piece trim on the 1988 Thunderbird (I believe it would also fit on 1987 vehicles with the metal trim, if someone would prefer a swap to the cleaner look). Perhaps we can get enough interest over the next year to make it financially viable for Steele to make reproductions.

Keep in mind that a repaint of the car would also likely need a new rear window molding. The old piece may not be removable without damage. A paint job really should have the trim removed though, not just masked around. Years ago I masked around it, and it would look much better had I just removed the molding.

Would you buy one or more at $100/each + shipping?
$200 + shipping?
$500 + shipping?

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I would be interested in buying several rear window moldings for a reasonable price. Please keep me in the loop.

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I would pay $200 maximum. $500...... NO WAY
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Lack of major interest, Steele Rubber will have no incentive to offer these anytime soon.

I did manage to finally find both a nos rear window molding, and a full new rear window with molding included (now installed), so I'm set as long as I properly maintain them with water-base silicone, and store my spare appropriately. This is still something that someone will likely reman sometime down the road, but I don't see it being Steele. We need more people in it more for the full restoration and prices associated with that, rather than the general mindset since the 90's of these being beater cars.

It's difficult in that only some of a single model year had this piece.
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Masejoer, thank you for trying to get this done.
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$100/each + shipping

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200 + shipping
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How many did Steele say you had to buy to get them to reproduce them? What does the windshield use? A gasket or glue?

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