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Getting it running again after 16+ years, now axle
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New member here. I built an addition on my garage in 2000 and parked my Black 88 in there soon after I quit driving it because I bought a 95 Mustang the year before and was dreading having to overhaul the 8.8 that was howling from a bad pinion bearing. Hadn't seen the light of day since. Few of weeks ago, I pulled the tank, looked like new on the outside, inside not so pretty. Pure junk, maybe the sender is usable. Took the tank off my "parts car" that I drove to where it sets now in 2009. Tank on it looked bad on outside but surprisingly clean on inside for 7-8 year old gas. Cleaned out that tank and put it on along with a fresh fuel filter and gas. Got in, turned the key on and off enough times to fill the filter and lines then turned to start position. Hit instantly and ran just like the last time I shut it off. Purred like a kitten, no warning lights, no missing, no anything. I still can't believe it was that easy. Everything on the car works except the right low beam and I pulled the passenger window anchor points off rolling it down, which I've already fixed. Car runs decent, but as you can imagine the tires are like eggs setting flat that long. I pressure washed it and followed with a hand wash and the car looks great with the exception of the yellow headlights, a huge paint gouge on the nose it somehow gained while setting and the clear on the hood I sanded too thin when I buffed it needs redone.

Now on to that axle. I did the open 8.8 in my 95 Econoline a few years back, so know what to expect as far as the bearings go. Was wondering what to expect as far as the clutch plates go. I would like to order everything so I don't have to tie up the space in the garage. Would also like opinions on the pros and cons of the different clutch linings there are.

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Welcome to the board. Somebody should be able to help you out. I'm not into the fine points of rear end rebuilds.ost some pics when you can.
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It isnt that much worse than doing an open diff. Hardest part is getting the "S" spring in and out. I havent looked, but I would bet there is a video on Utube showing how to do it.
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Thanks for the replies. Anyone have any insight into what are the pros and cons of the stock type lining vs. the carbon fiber or other types of lining on the clutch plates. I see the Motorcraft lining kits on eBay, about $70 for standard and around $100 for carbon fiber. Not a big price difference but I don't want it to be too grabby either. Thanks.

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