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Wanting to save some cash I tried to order some parts from Their prices seemed reasonable so I submitted my online order on a Friday and received a standard conformation email saying my order had been received. Today (Wed.) I checked and my bank acct still hadn't been charged for the parts ordered. So I called up and finally got through to someone who was supposed to be able to help. He told me that they had had problems with their online ordering system. So he took my order manually and I asked him to call me back with the prices before placing my order. When he called me back with the prices they were considerably more than the online prices that I had ordered at. He also tried to charge me shipping which should have been free on orders over $100.00. When I told him that shipping should be free he said he thought that it was free on orders UNDER $100.00. After calling them back and giving them the original prices I was quoted online,they said they would have to check them and then get back to me. What a hassle! It is then that I cancelled my order with them.
If they have such a hard time with seemingly simple ordering procedures, then I don't trust them to get my parts correctly.

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