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Geat Hook up!
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I took the TC out early last Sunday morning with the Gtech and had some fun.

It was a nice cool morning and I had to blow off some mother-in-law steam, if you know what I mean.

I need to adjust my WGA to decrease the boost a bit more. Until then, I just keep short shifting right after the buzzer goes off. It may not be over boosting that much, but with the stock guage I just don't want to risk it.

The best hp number I got was 183 with significant wheel spin (and short shifting).

Then I did a few 0-60 runs best was 7.74. This was the one that felt so good. I wish like hell I could do that every time. It hooked up and lifted the front end way up. I'm still grinning about that 2 days later.

If I ever get my drive shaft vibration problem fixed I'll get in a 1/4 mile run.

If you've ever felt a great hook up like that, you know exactly what I mean. Wow.
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Quote:Originally posted by TCorBUST:

If you've ever felt a great hook up like that, you know exactly what I mean. Wow.

Thats what i live for, had oent he toerh day when she was dead cold, then seh warmed upa nd al those eltroniucs get mad and screw everything up [Image: frown.gif]
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