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Im sure this has gone through many times but im putting a set of mechanical gauges where the stereo used to be.I bought three gauges,oil,water and volts.Ive already got a piller pod with my A/F ratio gauge and boost gauge.Anyone ever mount them in there?It came with a gauge bezel and it fits but I cannot figure out a way to get it to stay.There is no where to screw it to either.I was thinking of getting some aluminum and cutting some holes for the gauges instead but still cant figure out how to mount it to the bezel.Thanks in advance.
1988 Tc,SC50(.63),Bosch BPV,Coolingmist methanol injection activated at 10 psi,FMS big valve 1.89/1.59 head,a234,ported E6,ported lower and upper intake,Gillis,3"downpipe,3"exaust,Kirbin AFPR,255 HP LPH pump,Racer Walsh adj cam pully 2* advanced*,K&N cone,MSD Blaster,autolite 103 plugs,T5 swap,3.73s,shifter,Centerforce stage 2 clutch,motorcraft tuneup.

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