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Gauge Flux Fix
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Gauge Fluctuation Fix
by Fred Kennedy [[email protected]]

Required Tools:

No. 2 Phillips screwdriver

¼ inch socket set with 1/4, 9/32 (7 mm works too), & 5/16 inch sockets

Instrument Voltage Regulator:

Ford Part No. D1AZ-10804-A (GR-513)

Removal Procedure:

1.      Remove the switch panel covers (left and right of the steering column) by removing the 2 Phillips screws at the bottom of each panel and popping them off.  There are 2 press in socket and retainer combinations holding the upper half of the covers in place.

2.      Remove the 10 Phillips screws holding the instrument panel trim in place.  There are 4 screws located across the top (on the bottom edge), 2 just above the stereo trim panel and 2 each behind the switch panels removed in step 1.

3.      Between the back of the steering wheel and the steering column cover there is a collar that is held in place by press in fingers.  Lift the fingers out of their retainers where the collar meets at the turn signal lever and slid it off over the steering wheel adjustment lever.

4.      Remove the 5 Phillips screws on the bottom side of the steering column cover and remove it.  This may not be necessary but I found the added clearance helpful when putting the instrument cluster back in.

5.      Remove the 4 – 7 mm. hex head screws holding the instrument cluster in place.

6.      Tilt the top of the instrument cluster out and disconnect the large connector while pressing the retainer clips at each end.  Then disconnect the square connector while lifting the retainer clips on each side.  Tilt the bottom out and disconnect the boost gauge hose.  Tilt the top of the cluster out and remove it from the dash cavity.

7.      The picture at the right shows the instrument cluster lying face down.  Unplug the connector (it’s a 9V battery type plug/receptacle combination) from the regulator as shown.  Using the ¼ inch socket replace the regulator and reconnect.  There is a 16/18 gauge black wire that runs from the regulator to the back of the tachometer.  Using a 5/16 socket loosen and then retighten the screw on the back of the tachometer in case there is any corrosion beneath it.

8.      Reinstall the cluster in the reverse order.  I’d start the car and check the gauge operation after securing the instrument cluster.


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