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futur plans and mods for the ol 83TC! So what do you think?
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Well my 500 powered truck will be done soon so I wont be driving the TC nearly as much. I figure this would be the best time to start really moding the ol TC.
Here is the list of mods I plan.
Chassis mods on 83 TC
-weld in subframe connectors
-Welded & braced torque boxes
-88 TC front struts set on soft(drag race)
-larger font brakes from 88 TC
-26x9.5 slicks mounted on 10 holes
-165sr15s mounted on aluminum spare rims
-6 point cage
-boxed lower control arms
-adjustible uppers
-poly bushings
-quick disconnect front anti roll bar
Engine, trans, and rear
-standard bore block
-factory pistons
-Crower rods
-studed and straped main caps
-studed head
-large valve, fully ported and O-ringed head
-Custom roller cam [email protected] [email protected] 116lc .435 int .450ext
-T3/T4 turbo custome wastegat housing(no factory elbow
-3.5" custom down pipe replaces factory turbo elbow
-water to air GN intercooler with 2.5" inlet/outlets
-60mm throttle body
-lightend flywheel
-V8 T-5
8.8 with 3.73 gears and girdle
-Eec tuner
-52lb/hr injectors
-100hp nitrous kit

If you guys can think of anything else i will need or should look at using feel free to tell me, I will add it to my list of things to do.
So what do you think? Should make good powerer I hope.

My vehicle
1983 Turbo Coupe with a GN intercooler, dawes device set at 22psi of boost,K&N cone,fully ported e-6 manifold,gutted and ported intake, ported stock valve head, Ranger cam set -2 deg, and Full 3" exhaust with 3" magnaflow, 190 pump, a TRI AX shifter,Madhatter clutch quadrant,Racer walsh adjusatble cam pulley large VAM, LA3, brown tops, and 88 TC wheels. Next mods, boxed control arms, Subframe connectors, 3.73 8.8 rear,Larger front brakes, and poly bushings. Then i have no ideaSmile
has run a best of 14.71 at 92mph on drag radials. New times with GN intercooler, LA3, brown tops!!!! 14.9 at 96mph on my street tires.
New times with head ,e6 and ported intake, 100 race fuel, and 28psi 13.83 at 103mph!
My vehicle
1983 Turbo Coupe-
13.83 at 103mph!
273rwhp and 342ftlb at 24 psi with a slipping clutch!
And it still feels slow!

I also do port work, if you need something ported email me at [email protected]

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