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Full throttle stall
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Last night my car stalled on me. I was driving around and when i was slowing down from full throttle, my car stalled. It has done this once or twice before, but it would start up right afterwards and run fine. this time it took several attempts to get it started. Once it was running, it had a miss. Today i drove my car and nothing appeared to be wrong. The check engine light is not on, nor was it on once i got it restarted last night. Any help would be grateful, thanks.
P.S. yes my gas tank is full.
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Did you do a fuel pressure check?Maybe the IAC?
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sounds like it could be a fuel delivery problem. First are you low on fuel? tank below a 1/4? Some people have problems with sloshing and it leaves the pump uncovered for a bit. There is a baffle system that could have came loose but you would hear it sliding around inside the tank. I recommend running the fuel system diags. in the tech section. Fuel pressure should be at 39psi with the vacuumline to the regulator unhooked and plugged. it should rise 1psi/# of boost. does it still have the miss? Maybe it is your tfi/pip crapping out they tend to shut off and then restart and if your having ignition problems then That is another possibility.

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Pull the codes? Cleaned the IAC lately?
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You say it happened when you let off from WOT, but what RPM were you at? If you redlined it and then let off, could be weak valve springs allowint the HLAs to pump up and hang one or more valves open for a while. If this happens, they will bleed back down after a while and the problem will go away.
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It was not at redline, i shift between 4000-4500. Im going to check my IAC and also see if i can pull some codes tomorrow. thanks for all of your help.
1988 White TC, raven interior, 5-speed, gillis valve, k&n cone filter.

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