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Fuel Tank interchange
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Nope, I'm not asking "will a stang tank fit on my t-bird?" I have an almost new tank that I bought for my '84 Cougar 5.0 a couple years ago just sitting around. I was wondering if it directly interchanges with the tank on my '84 TC? Haven't really checked the condition of the tank, but if i should need to get another one, it'd be nice if I could just use the one I already have. I cross-referenced part numbers on and it seems that they're the same part number. Does anyone have confirmation of this? As I recall reading, my TC uses the same 2-pump system as the '84 Coug did, so the almost-new pump in there would work just fine with the turbo-4, right? Thanks for tolerating a turbo n00b.
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If its the same part number then I don't see why it wouldn't fit [Image: confused.gif] Have you physically looked/measured sizes of them?

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