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fuel system testing
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my car is running rich now and blowing out carbon smoke every once in awhile.i have read the fuel system diag and have somewhat completed the testing. i am on step 6 and do not understand that paragraph. i have checked between the fuel rail and firewall and can only find 1 hose not to going down. its in a pretty tough spot to get to. i have pressure tested it and have come up with 42psi. it will drop about 6-8 psi in 3 min. not just 2 psi. when i charge it up i also here a noise maybe coming from the number 2 injector. like leaking air. i dont see any gas dropping but do smell gas like a mother. maybe i just need to replace the "O" rings? and suggestion would be helpful. i am just starting to learn abut this car by trial and error.if i took it in for every little thing i would be broke. your patience is much appreciated.

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Have you pulled the codes? Its always a good time for new O rings. The fuel lines are right next to each other, best way to get to them is to pull the fuel rail. Recent tuneup? Motorcraft parts?
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pull the fuel rail off? code 11 without engine running now.(had a bad ECT sensor) code 25(KS is plugged in again?),34,67,and a couple in the 80s which i forgot what they were (but when i was told that they where nothing) with engine running.yes EGR has just been replaced and have sticker for the recall just dont see the bracket that i saw in the picture.rotor and cap have 5k miles on it. worked fine motorcraft wires with about 50 miles on them.same with spark plugs.went from motor craft to NGK v-powers.was running fine for 2 days.thats when i noticed the smoke again.mobil 1 oil with 500 miles on it. replaced stock coil with an MSD blaster.seems to run smoother.thats it.

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If you are getting a strong smell of gas and you hear noise from an injector, then one might be leaking. It can leak to the outside where you would see the gas, like maybe puddling on the lower intake. This could be an O ring but it could also be a fatal crack in the injector which would require replacement. It can also be an internal leak, past the pintle, where it leaks into the runner of the intake and runner in the cylinder head. In that gas you won't see the gas but you could smell it. I'd replace the injector myself if this were the problem.

See if you can get more clarification on the leaking injector.
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