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fuel return line connector?
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I think my fuel pump is dying, the car has been gutless a few times and has sputtered to a stop a few times too.

I'm doing Pete's diagnostic procedure and sometimes I have 30 psi, sometimes 24 psi at the fuel rail. I want to disconnect the return line from the bottom but have no idea how to disconnect the connector.

Can someone tell me the trick?
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Down where the line connects to the return line back to the tank, I think there is a plastic clip that goes into slots in the connector end that hold the line in place by virtue of it flange.
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that's correct... I did this a few months back. Just below the oil filter the 2 flexible fuel lines connect to the steel lines. There is a C like clip that snaps into the connectors of the Flexible and steel lines. Once the C clip is removed the lines should separate fairly easy. FYI... there is a tiny o-ring in the flexible line connector that can easily get damaged and will cause a fuel leak after reassembly and under pressure.

good luck!


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