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Fuel pump ? stumped
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I dont get it all of a sudden my fuel pump quit working the other day. I grounded the pin out from the self test and the fuel pump came on and the car started. I removed the ground and drove it for two days. This morning I got up and the car would not start same problem. Grounded it again wouldn't work then I get home and the car started right up. I just replaced my ircm a couple of months back with a new one. I am lost any help would be great guys thanks.
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When you say that you grounded the self-test connector pin and the car wouldn't start, did you hear the fuel pump running when you grounded the self-test connector?

If the answer is No for the above, the next time you may want to probe that Pink/Black wire out of the IRCM for +12 volts. It supplies the fuel pump with +12 volts, from the internal fuel pump relay in that IRCM.

Also, it could be possible that the inertia switch is now having intermittent issues. They have been known to do that. You'd want to make sure that the interia switch is staying "closed" and completing the circuit. The inertia switch is located in the trunk behind the driver taillight. There are two pink/black wires. The internia switch is simply an open/close switch.

Something like this would require a few steps to isolate the issue.

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