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fuel pump screaming
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Why would my Walbo 255 fuel pump start screaming all the sudden. Fuel pressure looks OK at 38 #'s at idle. I pulled it today thanking the hose maybe leaking but everything looked OK. It's about 3 or 4 years old.
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I'm not sure why it would scream all of a sudden, but when I bought my TC( with a Walbro 255), the pump was screaming on it. I dropped the tank and pulled the pump and found the sock was pretty dirty but more importantly the wire mesh screen over the inlet was pretty much plugged up. I popped the screen out and sprayed some cleaner on it and blew it out with compressed air and put it back on with a new sock and the pump was quiet as can be. In your case, maybe your pump is actually on it's way out(bad bearing or something).
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I agree with John. If you don't find something else like the clogged screen or sock, replace the pump. Excess noise usually means they are o the way out.
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Be sure and check the rubber line between the fuel pump and the hard line on the bracket while your in there. Cheap insurance to replace it while you have the pump out to clean the sock and screen. Also throw a fuel filter on it as well while your checking / replacing / cleaning the fuel pump and related parts. Oh yeah, make sure the pump isolator (rubber insulator) has not slipped out or off, or is falling apart. It's the rubber sleeve that the pump itself slides into. Good luck and post what you find.
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