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Fuel pump not running on '86 Tbird (EEC Relay?)
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I had my 1986 Tbird TC running about two years ago, replaced the fuel pump, replaced the hoses, spark plugs, exhaust, etc. The next summer when I attempted to start the car it wouldn't start. It turns over and engine has spark, but the fuel pump isn't running. Tested the fuel pump by jumping it and it works, tested fuel pump relay and it is okay, tested inertia switch and it is okay. In the car's diagram there is an EEC relay but I can't find it on the car, does anyone know where the EEC relay is? Has anyone else had this problem?


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Check the pump, relay and wiring by jumping the lower right terminal in the row of 4 terminals in the EEC TEST connector under the hood to ground with the key in RUN. This terminal has a brown wire going into it. Pump should run as long as the brown wire is grounded. If it doesnt run, jump the inertia switch and see if it runs then. If it runs with inertia switch jumped, replace the switch.

Report back with the results of the tests.
Jeff Korn

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